Home Improvement Tips: Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

       So you’ve bought a home. Maybe it’s your first one or maybe you’re looking to put down roots after years of renting. It doesn’t matter which, what matters is that you’ve made an investment in a property and that that property is the place where you’ll be spending all your time for the foreseeable future. You want to make sure that you do everything possible to increase its value so it can be worth as much as possible when and if you ever decide to sell it.

      There are lots of ways to increase the value of your home but they all come at a cost either financially or in terms of how much work it will take on your part. Here we will discuss some simple things that won’t break the bank or require you to do much more than nag your spouse. Forever Guard EAS Environmental Clean Slate Services Elite Moisture Solutions Fast Response Cleaning & Restoration Elite Garage Door Repair Local Garage Door Services Inc

      Paint the Interior: There are some people who think that painting is a waste of money but if done correctly it can increase your home’s value by thousands. When thinking about what colors you want to use, stick with neutrals that everyone loves which include tans, warm browns, and creamy whites. Also, be sure to paint everything including closets because some prospective buyers might not think to check there.  Remember, neutral doesn’t always mean boring so try using bolder shades on accent walls or central space dividers for an added punch of color!

      Replace Carpets with Laminate Flooring: Carpet isn’t good for resale homes – or any home really – mainly because it traps stains and dirt. Of course, you can’t ask all your visitors to take their shoes off before entering, but you can at least make sure that the carpets look as fresh as possible by renting a carpet cleaner once or twice a year. However, replacing them with laminate flooring is an even better option because not only does this reduce the risk of accidents, it also makes it easier for people to clean up after themselves!

      Update Appliances: Sooner or later every appliance will stop working and need to be replaced. It’s just a fact of life and one that goes double for things like microwaves and refrigerators which tend to break down often Since we’re talking about increasing the value of your home, now is the time to replace those old appliances with something new and updated since this will make even more of a difference in terms of how much money you’ll get when you eventually sell.

      Hire a Housekeeper: You may not want to think about it but at some point prospective buyers are going to become aware that you don’t actually live in the house full-time so they’ll want to see themselves as future owners. One way of doing this is by hiring a housekeeper who can cook meals for them, clean up after them and show them around so they know just what their life would be like if they bought the place. Whether or not they actually hire someone to do this for them isn’t really that big of a deal, what matters is that you make it look like the house is never empty!

      Work on Your Garden: This has more to do with curb appeal than anything else but when trying to sell your home, people are going to want to see how nice it looks from the outside. Make sure there’s no clutter or broken things in the yard and plant flowers if you have space since they’ll improve not only how it looks right now but also once autumn arrives. If you don’t have much time or money for this then just focus on mowing the grass regularly so that there’s at least something in your yard that appears well taken care of!

      Hire an: Buying a new home is a big decision and one that you should be prepared for. If your budget doesn’t quite allow for it there’s also the option of renting out your place which can make up for lost money in the future when prospective buyers come to view the property only to find it occupied.

      Update Your Lighting: Think about just how dark and unwelcoming the average home seems when walking inside after being outside all day – especially during the winter months! Lights can go a long way toward brightening things up and making potential buyers feel more welcome so take this into account before showing people around and don’t be afraid to add plenty of lamps, chandeliers, and sconces to rooms with dim lighting sources such as living rooms or basements!

     Add an Extra Closet: Okay, this one is less about how you use the space and more about the fact that it’s there. Most people don’t actually need extra storage but if you’re renting out your home then having a spare closet will make the place seem bigger to prospective tenants. They might even be willing to pay more rent too!

      Get Rid of Trash: As obvious as it sounds, people won’t want to buy a house filled with old food containers and dirty clothes strewn all over the floor so make sure everything is clean before any visitors arrive. That includes counters (especially ones used for preparing food) since buyers may not automatically think to sweep or wipe them down unless prompted.

      Update the Staircase: You probably don’t need to replace your staircase but you can definitely give it a fresh coat of paint and fix any broken or splintered steps. This, along with making sure the railing is sturdy, will do wonders for how people perceive the safety of your home whenever they’re climbing stairs since they’ll no longer be thinking “Oh man I’m going to break this step and fall right through!”

      Add an Extra Doorbell Button: It might sound like something very minor but when someone is looking around your house and they hear multiple doorbells ringing in different rooms… Well, all that does is remind them how many entrances there are and therefore make them assume your place must be larger than it actually is.

      Make Your Kitchen at Least Look Like It Was Recently Updated: No one wants to buy a place with an old-fashioned kitchen unless they’re looking for something very specific and they’ll most likely need you to upgrade it before the sale will go through. You can also consider adding in things like stainless steel appliances if your budget allows for them, most people love shiny new things!

     Add Some Towels: When trying to sell a home you don’t want it to feel like no one has ever lived there so try putting some toilet paper rolls in bathrooms alongside other essentials such as hand soap or small containers of shampoo. Showing buyers that previous occupants have used the same products should help them connect with the people who used to live there and make them feel like they could start doing the same.

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