Preschool Lesson Plan Template

Children thrive on routine. They love to know what to expect. They will remind you if you forget a part of their routine. So, it is important to establish a preschool lesson plan template that you can follow every day; day-in and day-out. The children will feel at home, at ease, comfortable if they can flow with their routine.

So you ask, what should be a part of this preschool lesson plan template? Most preschools follow a similar schedule everyday, even though it varies from one preschool to another. Follow the template below, choose a schedule and time frame for each activity period that works for your classroom. Give the children the routine they crave and thrive on.

The day starts with a Free Play and Welcome Time as the children enter the classroom. During this time the children hang up their coats, put away their things and are greeted by the teacher. Then they enter the classroom and have a certain area where things are set up for them that they know they are allowed to play with.

Circle Time is next on your preschool lesson plan template. The children sit in a circle or in rows usually on a rug. The teacher officially greets them. They will have Sharing Time where the teacher will ask them questions about activities they may have done while not at school. Also during circle time the Pledge is said and the teacher goes over the Calendar which includes the day of the month, the day of the week and the year. Talk about the Weather and then go on to the next part of your preschool lesson plan.

Discovery Time lets children participate in organized activities. The teacher will have these activities set up and based on the theme for week or month. The activities will be divided into Fine Motor Skills, Discovery and Exploration and Arts and Crafts. Encourage the children to participate in all of the activities.

Get the children back together on your learning rug for the next step in your preschool lesson plan template. Next you will have Lesson for the day based on your theme, followed by Book Reading or Story Time, then Music and Movement. All of these activities are done as a group with the teacher leading and the children following directions, having fun.

At the end of your preschool lesson plan template, the end of your period of time together, you will have Snack and Gross Motor Activities. Then it will be time to say good bye.

Each period can be as long or as short as you feel comfortable with. The routine of the day, following the same preschool lesson template every day gives the children familiarity. They know what to expect and will be more willing to give what is expected also.

So, to summarize your preschool lesson plan template will go as follows:

1. Free Play and Welcome Time

2. Circle Time with Sharing, the Pledge of Allegiance, Calendar and Weather

3. Discovery Time with Discovery and Exploration, Fine Motor Skills and Arts and Crafts

4. Lesson Time and Book Reading or Story Time and Music and Movement

5. Snack Time

6. Gross Motor Activity and Good Bye Time

Finding a preschool that is the right fit can be tough. It’s also hard to know if your child is being challenged enough.

Whiz Kidz Preschool in Phoenix, AZ offers an educational approach with low student-to-teacher ratios so your child will get the most out of every day.

Whiz Kidz offers an educational approach with low student-to-teacher ratios so your child will get the most out of every day. Our unique program creates a learning environment that fosters emergent literacy, numeracy, empathetic thinking and math skills—all while having fun! Parents are welcome to observe their children’s classes anytime after they complete their two introductory days.

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