Questions to Ask During Home Inspection

A home inspection is defined as the non-invasive assessment of a house in order to determine its safety, security, and overall condition. It covers the examination of house structures and parts and is usually performed in relevance to a home sale. If you are planning to buy a house for your family or perhaps you are planning to invest on several homes, then these are the top questions you should ask the home inspector.

What will the inspection cover?

Different states implement different requirements on the home inspection procedures. It is essential for you to know the coverage of the inspection to see whether the areas of your concern will be tapped. Ahead of time, you may request copies of the standard procedure that will be done by the home inspector.

Will I be allowed to attend the inspection?

As a home buyer, the opportunity to attend the inspection is a great chance to educate yourself whether the house you are going to buy is worthy of its tag price. Ask the home inspector of this possibility because it is also an essential process that will let you see the value of the house you are going to purchase using the keen eye of the right professional.

How long will the home inspection run?

Because of the standard procedure, the home inspector can already estimate how long they will spend to finish the home inspection process. Typical buyers target single family homes. These types of homes are commonly inspected on average of two to three hours. However, there are homes which may be larger in size such as those with multiple floors and those that are categorized under luxury homes. They require longer inspection hours. But given the expertise of the professional inspectors, they know the average time the entire inspection will run.

How much do I need to pay?

Home inspection fees are not regulated by a specific government agency. However, there are professional associations which maintain average fees on some states. Thus, you can generally have an idea of this additional but necessary cost you are going to shoulder. Higher fees do not necessarily reflect that the inspection will be of higher quality than inspections carried out with lower professional fees.

Buying a new home is a stressful experience. You take on a major financial commitment, and the last thing you need is to find out there’s something wrong with it!

Picking a home inspector can be intense, but you know you need to be sure. After all, if something isn’t right…what then?

With a full-service Arizona home inspection from Arizona Home Inspection Pros, you take away the stress of process and leave with confidence that your investment will be safe and sound.

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